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The Chinese sports culture expo, China sports tourism fair opened in guangzhou

Date: 2019-11-29

November 28, 2019, the Chinese sports culture expo, China sports tourism fair opened in guangzhou.Two expo with "spanning seventy years, sports a new starting point" as the theme, highlight the achievements of national exhibition, policy guidance and planning layout and the level of exhibition, comprehensive building has the international influence of sports tourism culture communication integration platform.

Yang Ning, deputy director of state general administration of sports said in his speech, the party central committee and state council attaches great importance to the development of undertakings of physical culture and sports and culture.Xi jinping general secretary pointed out that culture is the soul of a nation, a nation, cultural self-confidence is more fundamental, deeper, more lasting power.

As show our country sports culture development achievement, important to promote the development of sports, culture and tourism integration platform, two exposition to the culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics for the soul, in order to promote the cultural construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the goal, increasing influence.

2019 two expo image ambassador, Chinese women's volleyball players Xu Yunli said at the opening.She mentioned in the women's volleyball team spirit is not only reflected in the medal competition Nemesis, work hard, also performed in the setback, suffered injuries, when facing failure stably and unhesitatingly, tenacious spirit, hope to sports positive energy move and inspire more people.

This year's exhibition sports culture theme exhibition, domestic sports culture and sports tourism exhibition, international exhibition, domestic and international sports culture innovation ideas health and outdoor exhibition, exhibition, sports, science and technology major high-end sports brand exhibition six exhibition areas, the total exhibition area of more than 46000 square meters, attracting nearly 30 provinces across the country, both at home and abroad more than 400 enterprises, brands and international sports events, organization participation.

By the state general administration of sports sports culture development center of 3000 square meters of sports cultural theme exhibition, with more than 120 witnesses the development of Chinese sports goods physical, more than 270 rare historical photographs and video images, etc., fully displaying the founding of new China since 70, our country sports enterprise development course and the outstanding achievements.In addition, the focus on provincial exhibition display local sports career achievement.

During the fair synchronous hold high levels of more than 10 BBS, invite high-level sports administrators, experts and scholars at home and abroad, business representatives to participate in, including sport director BBS, sports business summit, sports colleges, curator of the museum of BBS, BBS youth sports development, the principal BBS, mountaineering BBS BBS, ice and snow industry, large bay sports culture and sports tourism cooperation BBS conversation, etc.

In addition, a series of supporting various forms of activities to make all the feeling and experience of our country's traditional sports projects, the latest sports products, high-tech intelligent sports equipment, mainly including the Chinese traditional sports culture performance, basketball experience, archery, rv camp experience, curling, experience, intelligence games, etc.

Two expo site is set up special purchaser docking, online business matching activities, through scientific means of intelligent, make the business communication more convenient, for the enterprises and provides the omni-directional service for the team.