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Beijing home stay facility number among the top three

Date: 2019-12-01

9 seminars on cross-strait tourism and tourism development of a home stay facility peak BBS held a few days ago, Beijing second foreign languages institute released its first home stay facility outside data report, provide a reference for tourist accommodation, also provide Suggestions for related management department, and provide scientific basis for the enterprise investment construction.Beijing youth daily reporter learned that, chongqing, Beijing, xian on the number of home stay facility in the top three in the country.Users the most concern when choosing a home stay facility room, boss, environment, facilities, transportation and other indicators.But belong to the non-standard accommodation facilities, home stay in the accommodation outside of other service facilities are not perfect.

Beijing second foreign languages institute China academy of culture and tourism big data is the integration of Beijing second foreign languages institute tourism subject resources created by big data research institute, was formally established in 2013.Has issued the 2018 China tourism destination based on the large data city ranking, the china-arab tourism development data research report, such as the big data of xinjiang tourism report multiple data report.A few days ago, in the ninth session of cross-strait tourism seminar and home stay facility on the tourism development peak BBS, Beijing second foreign language institute of Chinese culture and tourism institute released its first big data reports outside of home stay facility.

The 2019 China home stay facility industry data report covering mainland China 22 provinces, five autonomous regions, four municipalities directly under the central government, a total of 31 provincial administrative regions, for home stay facility market present situation, the product characteristic, the Internet search, user portrait researches in aspects and so on, with the data interpretation of home stay facility industry, has the characteristics of comprehensive, accuracy.

Report referring users to the home stay facility scale, rate, rate of the selection basis, conducted at the provincial level administrative region and the ranking of the city.Reported that mainland China home stay concentrated in a few cities, the number of home stay facility in the top 30 cities occupy more than half the market of home stay facility.Among them, the number of home stay facility in the top ten cities were in chongqing, Beijing, xian, chengdu, Qingdao, guangzhou, wuhan, Shanghai, qinhuangdao and hangzhou.

Reports indicate that the home stay facility search index increased year by year, keyword search index is higher than the hotel for a long time in recent years, the home stay facility product popular;Nearly a year of home stay facility search index is relatively stable for a long time.At present, the economical market share of home stay facility is higher, the price is in 200 yuan to 800 yuan of home products, most home stay facility huge market development space and a high price.From the point of service facilities feature, the home stay facility belong to non standard accommodation facilities, other service facilities outside the accommodation is not perfect.

Through data analysis, 2019 home stay facility users male-dominated, give priority to with aged 20 to 29 age, younger home stay facility users.An online home stay facility platform is so popular that user parent-child travel business family, friends, travel and couples to travel more.Home stay facility from the comments, the Chinese mainland in 2019 user reviews praise rate was 93.7%, the highest rate of ten keywords are mentioned in the comments, in turn, is the room, the boss, environment, facilities, traffic, the landlord, breakfast, service attitude, bed is tasted, cost-effective, which highly summarizes the major focus of home stay facility products home stay facility users.